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Although you may think the skills of a clay artist comes naturally, the truth is that their skills came from hard work and dedication. Every artist started out the same exact way, with days of confusion, numerous mistakes and hours of research. Some even attend college for their BFA or MFA degree in ceramics. Although some artists may be more advanced than others in the beginning, it is doubtful that any one artist started creating masterpieces their first day at the wheel. So just when you feel your motivation dwindling away because of small mistakes, keep in mind that mistakes are how you learn how to use your tools correctly and in which motion your hands should run through the clay.

Sometimes finding your motivation in clay art takes meeting the right person or attending the right classes. Even though we like to think we are our own biggest fan, sometimes hearing another artists story is what boosts our motivation and empowerment. Next time you see a beautiful clay sculpture, look for the artists name and do your own simple research. Find out where they went to school, how they got started and what type of struggles they went through to get where they are. Sometimes being aware of the struggle of others will help you to move foward and stop doubting the skills hiding within your soul.