Becoming A Clay Artist

Clay Pottery

How to Become a Successful Clay Artist

Start by Taking Classes

In order to find out if becoming a clay artist is a suitable career for you, you should first seek out classes that teach you not only the tricks of the trade, but the business side as well. A great benefit to these classes is the interaction between you and other clay artists. It is a great way for you to not only learn from their experiences but to view the different styles of clay art in which other artists create their works of art.

Is College Your Next Step?

If you truly believe that becoming a clay artist in your life path, your best best is to obtain your MFA or BFA in ceramics. This will give you the knowledge of clay tools, the history of clay of art and even the experience to teach classes and open your business where you can exhibit your art and sell them to art enthusiasts. The only trick to obtaining your degree in ceramics is finding the most suitable school for your needs. Some schools offer multiple degrees combined into one such as ceramics and photography.

Opening Up Your First Shop

Opening up a shop to sell and exhibited your clay art may seem a little far fetched at first, but with the correct amount of skills and motivation, it can happen in no time at all. The first obvious step of opening a shop is finding the perfect location where people passing by can easily spot your business. After finding a building, it is all up to you to start creating beautiful works of art to start placing upon the shelves of your very own business. The most important tip for running a successful shop is to always have your items in stock. No customer wants to see empty shelves when visiting your business.