Becoming A Clay Artist

Clay Pottery

Inspirational Clay Artists

Kathy Pallie

Kathy Pallie uses a wide variety of surface textures and patterns to create beautiful pottery pieces made from her natural surroundings. From clay found in the earths surface to freshly peeled tree park, Kathy makes use of everything in her outer surroundings. Her clay creations can be viewed on her personal website,

Patrick Shia Crabb

Patrick Shia Crabb is a professor of art at the Santa Ana College in California and has his MFA and BFA degree's obtained at the University of California and the University of Massachusetts. His ceramic creations are exhibited across the world at places such as the Auckland Museum in New Zealand, Laguna Beach Art Museum in California, Mobile Museum of Art in Alabama and the Montclair Museum of Art in New Jersey. The variety of style in which Patrick creates ceramic sculptures is what has his art spread across the world for all art enthusiasts to view.

Lisa Conway

Lisa Conway was born in Detroit, Michigan and obtained her B.F.A in ceramics in the year 1990. One year later Lisa was provided with a full fellowship that allowed her to study at the Skowhegan School of Sculpture and Painting in Skowhegan, Maine. Today, Lisa lives in Portland, Oregon and owns a ceramic studio within her home in Portland. Lisa's art can be found in numerous public art collects and on her personal website,

Richard Burkett

Richard Burkett has been in the pottery for over 40 years and established his very own pottery business in 1973 called, "Wild Rose Pottery". In the year 1983 Richard attended Indiana University where he obtained his MFA in ceramics and photography. Today Richard still creates beautiful ceramic pieces such as functional stoneware, porcelain pieces and mixed-media sculptures.