Becoming A Clay Artist

Clay Pottery

Pottery Classes for Beginners

Leisure time has become important to people who want to expand their horizons, but it must also be a way for a person to relax from the stress of their regular life. Working with clay has become one of the best ways for people to relax, but it is not a hobby everyone feels they can do without some guidance. Pottery classes are now well attended by those who are just beginning to explore this exciting creative medium, and many small shops now offer classes for those who are interested.

Many people believe that throwing a lump of clay on a moving wheel is easy, but that is not even the first step. Each piece of clay must first be prepared, and learning how to do it is what a good teacher will instruct students in when they begin. The clay must have all the air bubbles taken out of it, and mastering this technique will lead the student into the ability to create a piece that will survive the entire creative process.

Once the clay has been properly prepared, the student must then learn how to balance the clay on the moving wheel. Even experienced artists sometimes have to start over, so students should have a teacher who would counsel them to be patient if they are unable to balance their clay immediately. Learning to feel the clay is in balance is an important step to ensuring a good outcome, and it is one of the best reasons to take a class.

The finishing touches of decorating a clay piece require many different decisions, and class time is well spent if students learn about the different coloring and glazing compounds available. Their vision will come to life before their eyes if they heed the teacher’s advice when selecting the materials they will need to complete their design and have it fired.